Michele Schalin – Mindful Metamorphosis

My Wings

Check out this stunning butterfly I captured in mid-flight during my summer adventure in Wimberley, Texas. While strolling with my friend Stephen, we stumbled upon a breathtaking scene – a beautiful bush teeming with at least twenty majestic monarch butterflies fluttering around.

Desperate to capture the moment, I whipped out my phone and started snapping away like a pro photographer. After sifting through thirty images, I couldn’t believe it – I had taken the perfect shot of this gorgeous butterfly as it took off into flight. It was a crystal-clear image that I couldn’t stop marveling over, even making it the background on my phone for months.

Later when I was working on a wings graphic with a designer, we tried out two different designs, but nothing quite felt right. Suddenly, it dawned on me – I had the perfect set of wings right on my phone! With my butterfly image, the designer was able to create a stunning replication that was truly a work of art.

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