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Unwind Your Mind and Tune into the Moment

In my book, I delved into how meditation improved my sex life during my “Spanish Adventure.” However, I felt like I didn’t give this topic enough attention in my chapter “Mindfulness and Meditation.” So I’m taking a deeper dive into it here.

Meditation and sex, two seemingly unrelated activities, can actually work together to achieve a deeper connection between mind and body. While meditation is typically a solitary, serene practice, and sex is usually a more active and social experience, both can help train the mind to stay present in the moment. These two practices can complement each other and unlock new levels of mindfulness and intimacy.

Sometimes the busier we are, or the more stressed, the harder it is to stay focused in bed. It’s common for many of us to struggle in transitioning from our daily roles to being fully present and focused as a lover in the bedroom. Our minds are wired for multitasking and distractions, even when it comes to sex. So when your mind wanders, it doesn’t mean you’re not attracted to your partner or having bad sex. It’s simply your brain on autopilot, doing what feels comfortable.

Sensuality is the key to sexuality. When you find yourself struggling with stresses of the day, low libido, sexual arousal, or orgasm, it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and forget the pleasure of the present moment. The key to reigniting your passion is getting back into your body. Shift your attention to sensory experiences, not just finale.

Having a meditation practice will boost your focus and presence during sex, taking your emotional and physical sensations to new heights. Whenever my mind wandered, I simply turned my attention to my senses – taste, smell, touch – grounding me in my body and the present moment. Through this practice, I became more attuned to the energy flowing through my body and the intimate exchange between myself and my partner, leading to unforgettable moments of pleasure and bliss.

Mindfulness can enhance your sex life by reducing stress, improving focus, building confidence, and cultivating self-compassion. You improve your ability to be more mindful (observant, more aware) is a result of your mediation practice. This will help you deepen your connection with your partner and experience heightened sexual satisfaction by slowing down, being non-judgmental, and paying attention to touch and arousal.

Focusing on your breath throughout the day is a great mindful practice that helps you learn to be more in the present moment. Whenever you have a moment to spare, whether it’s waiting in line, crafting an email, or filling up on gas, pay attention to your breath entering and exiting your body and the way your chest rises and falls. This trains your brain to remain in the present and avoid interruptions. You can use this trick during intimacy as well to help you focus on physical sensations to remain present and completely savor the experience, rather than getting lost in your thoughts.

I promise you when you really dedicate yourself to this approach and practice you will love the results! Enjoy!


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