Michele Schalin – Mindful Metamorphosis

An easy read and like The Four Agreements!

Thank you so much for this amazing transformative book.. It is perfect and easy to read, and I had been trying to speak into my families life on what has been helping me.. My citizen stirs. Some of them have been receptive, but others and of course my closest family members.still doubt everything and I could say the same thing a thousand times to my husband And he never really hears it, but when he hears it from a different person. He all of a sudden takes it in and a shift happens..My husband Started to read this book and he was like honey. She sounds like you she’s literally telling your story. I could feel the shift in him before I saw it and he has not finished the book yet. That is how powerfully transforming it is.. It is definitely an easy read and like The Four Agreements!! It is amazingly powerful. Thank you so much for being So authentic, and real by not hiding your truth In telling your story. Absolutely awesome……. Sending so much love and gratitude to you and for your book!

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